June 12, 2021

Gambling on eSports: Beginner Tips for Achieving Success

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There is no better illustration of the mainstream appeal of video games than the growing eSport betting market, with many top online casinos offering it as an option. eSports gambling is now worth billions of dollars, and this gambling niche is growing at an awe-inspiring rate. Here are some beginner tips for gamers and non-gamers who require some assistance to navigate this new sports betting frontier.

Gambling on eSports: Beginner Tips for Achieving Success

Find an Online Casino That Specializes in eSports

What separates eSports betting from other types of sports betting is that it does not just cover one game; it is a genre-encompassing betting category. Many games are popular in eSports, all of which feature different gameplay dynamics, rules, and winning strategies. For example, as of 2020, the four most popular games in eSports in terms of prize money were: CounterStrike GO, DOTA2, League of Legends, and Fortnite. These are all very different games. It, therefore, makes sense for anyone looking to get into eSports betting to find online casinos that specialize in this form of gambling.

This way, they will have more options in terms of available games, tournament coverage, and even betting options. A specialized casino will also have a technical platform that integrates other eSports-related resources.

Learn About eSports

When it comes to serious sports betting, a gambler needs to have a thorough understanding of the sports they are betting on. The same applies to eSports betting, which is why beginners are encouraged to learn as much as they can about the eSports scene before wagering their money. It is essential to understand the participating teams and players. Each player or team has their own unique playing style and competition record. For team eSports, it is also important to understand team dynamics.

Luckily all this information, and more, can be found with a quick internet search. There are many websites and internet communities that are dedicated to eSports. Data on the past performance of teams and players and in-depth analysis of their professional histories can also be found online. In what will be a recurring theme in this article, eSports betting is very similar to ‘traditional’ sports betting.

Knowing the Betting Options

Beginners to eSports gambling are always (pleasantly) surprised at the sheer number of betting options available in eSports. Conventional betting options such as money lines, totals, and point spreads are offered, depending on the game. Because eSports feature so many different variables and unpredictability, they offer a much better experience for prop and future bets. Players need to take the time to understand the other betting options that each game has to make their eSports betting experience exciting.

Watch eSports

In any type of sports betting, long-term success and game knowledge always go hand in hand. This is why one of the most essential beginner tips is to watch as many eSports as one can before wagering money. Reading stats and researching can only go so far; watching a few games is the best way to gain a fundamental understanding of the eSports a player is interested in betting on. Gamblers can watch eSports streams on online platforms such as YouTube and Twitch either for free or at affordable subscription rates.

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